Three Day Residential Training Programme on "PPP in Urban Infrastructure"
  Participants list
  Sri Shashikant/Energy Efficiency in Various Sectors - PPP
  Sri Kanad Pankaj/PPP in Urban Infrastructure -Land Acquisition for Road and real estate development with case study of Greater Noida
  Dr. Vilas M. Kadrolkar/Urbanization and Economic Transformation Issuesand Challenges
  Ms. ShruthiKedia/Comparative Study –Pollution in different Cities of India
  Sri Shirazi Bashir/PPP – Waste Management in Smart Cities
  Sri D ShalemRaju/Financing of PPP Projects
  Sri Nagabhushanam/Industrial Water Supply
  SriRaj Dabburi/Adopting innovative Hybrid Annuity Model for delivering PPP Projects
  Sri Rama Krishna/Planning of Public Transport under PPP
  Sri Pavan/Key Aspects of PPP Agreements-Contract Management Perspective
  Sri Pavan/Relevant PPP Models for Urban Sector

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