Three Day Residential Training Programme on "Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas"
  Participants list
  Sri J Satyanarayana/Rainwater Harvesting Methods Techniques - Urban Rural Areas
  Sri G Sudarshan/Need and Planning of Rain Water Harvesting
  Dr (Ms) Neelam Patel/Jal Kranti Abhiyan
  Prof. J. Karthikeyan/Waste Water Treatment
  Prof. J. Karthikeyan/Waste water Reuse Applications
  Sri Murali Dhar/New Trends in Water Management
  Dr. K V Rao/Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture
  Ms Shivali Jainer/Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning
  Dr. Anand Kishore Kola/Waste Water Reclamation Rain Water Harvesting - Industries - do's & don't
  Prof. M Gopal Naik/Urban and Storm Water Management and Watershed Modelling
  Sri ISN Raju/Different practices in Rain Water Harvesting

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