Three Day Residential Training Programme on "e Commerce"
  Partcipant list
  Prof. M Sandhya Sridevi/E-Business
  Sri Shaik Khaja Mohiddin/E-Commerce in Past Present and Future
  Sri Shaik Khaja Mohiddin/E-Commerce in India EvolutionGrowth and Challenges
  Dr. D.V Ramana Murthy/ E Commerce introduction & Models
  Dr. N.V.N.Charay/Electronic Data Interchange&Financial EDI
  Dr.D.V.Ramana Murthy/E Retailing
  Dr.D.V.Ramana Murthy/Going Digital winning the Consumer
  Sri Purushotham Rudraraju/ Market Place
  Sri B.SundharphD/Meesava and E-Commerce
  Dr.B. Sundhar/IFS Internet Of Things (IoT) and E-Commerce
  Prof V.Valli Kumari /Cyber Security
  Prof. M Sandhya Sridevi/ E-Business
  Prof.Mamilla Rajasekhar/E-commerce and its infrastructure
  Prof.mamilla Rajsekhar/Ethical Issues
  Prof.mamilla Rajsekhar/IPR issues in EC
  Prof.mamilla Rajsekhar/Privacy Issues
  Prof.mamilla Rajsekhar/Technical & social issues of e-commerce

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