Three Day Residential Training programme on Total Quality Management in Government
  Participants List
  Dr.Jayashankaraprasd/Service Quality Dimensions
  Dr K.Suryanarayana/Total Quality Management
  Dr.Vijay Shekar/Process and Maturity of Quality
  Dr K S Vijaya Shekhar/ Sevottam
  Dr. vimala Beera/Total Quality management in Government Services
  Dr.Jaya Shankara Prasd M.B.A (Phd)/ SIX SIGMA (6n) APPROACH
  Dr.Soujanya/Quality Perspectives In Health Care
  Sri Shaik khaja Mohiuddin/Total Quality Management
  Sri Purushotham Rudraraju/Food Quality And Safty
  Dr.B.K.C.Ganesh/Quality & Dimensions of the Quality
  Dr. B.K.C.Ganesh/TQM Historical Perspectives and its Implementation

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