Three Day Residential Training Programme for Non Teaching Staff In association with Sri Padmavathi Mahila University
  Participants list
  Sri CR Visweswara Rao/Functions of Academic Senate Importance of Ordinances and Regulations
  Sri P Subash Chandra Bose/General Discipline Personal Registers and Stock Files
  Sri P Subash Chandra Bose/Drafting Note Files Duties at various levels and Maintenance of confidentiality
  Dr G Ramdhan/Affiliation of Colleges & Degree Colleges
  Sri Kishore/Physical Education Colleges
  Sri K Hema Chandra Reddy/Affiliation of Engineering Colleges
  Sri A Dayanidi/Financial Property Preparation of Budget and Maintenance of Registers
  Sri Krishnam Raju/Audit and Audit paras
  Programme Report

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