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2021-22 New
S.No From To Programme Name Duration
1 26-April-2021 28-April-2021 Gender Sensitization 3-Days
2 03-May-2021 05-May-2021 Integration of Survey Land Records 3-Days
3 10-May-2021 12-May-2021 Introduction to Management Information System 3-Days
4 20-May-2021 22-May-2021 Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation 3-Days
5 24-May-2021 26-May-2021 Disciplinary and Vigilance Procedures 3-Days
6 27-May-2021 29-May-2021 Management of Hostels for SC ST BC Minorities 3-Days
7 03-June-2021 05-June-2021 Health Care management during and after disaster 3-Days
8 14-June-2021 16-June-2021 School Safety Plan and Safety Audits 3-Days
9 21-June-2021 23-June-2021 Handling Court Cases 3-Days
10 28-June-2021 30-June-2021 Survey techniques GIS GPS Total Stations 3-Days
11 01-July-2021 03-July-2021 Incident Response System 3-Days
12 12-July-2021 14-July-2021 Health Care and Hospital Management 3-Days
13 22-July-2021 24-July-2021 Cost Effective and Eco Friendly Building Materials Technologies 3-Days
14 26-July-2021 28-July-2021 Public Policy & Leadership 3-Days
15 02-August-2021 04-August-2021 Sensitization of Laws related to Women 3-Days
16 09-August-2021 11-August-2021 Change management and communication skills 3-Days
17 16-August-2021 18-August-2021 Ethics in Administration 3-Days
18 23-August-2021 25-August-2021 Convergence between Panchayat Raj Revenue Agriculture Cooperation and Animal Husbandry 3-Days
19 20-September-2021 22-September-2021 Training in Post Disaster Need Assessment 3-Days
20 20-September-2021 22-September-2021 Urban Planning and Management 3-Days
21 16-September-2021 18-September-2021 Improving Leadership and Governance in Public Systems 3-Days
22 23-September-2021 25-September-2021 Environment and Pollution 3-Days
23 29-September-2021 01-October-2021 Protection of Women from atrocities 3-Days
24 07-October-2021 09-October-2021 Financial Management 3-Days
25 21-October-2021 23-October-2021 Malicious Software and its Underground Economy 3-Days
26 25-October-2021 27-October-2021 Tsunamis Earthquakes and Risk mitigation and management 3-Days
27 28-October-2021 30-October-2021 Human Rights and RTI Act 3-Days
28 08-November-2021 10-November-2021 Capacity Building towards achieving Good Governance 3-Days
29 15-November-2021 17-November-2021 Network Security and Five G communication 3-Days
30 25-November-2021 27-November-2021 Capacity Building for Village Revenue Officers 3-Days
31 02-December-2021 04-December-2021 Urban Health Issues 3-Days
32 06-December-2021 08-December-2021 Citizen Centric Services 3-Days
33 09-December-2021 11-December-2021 Energy Reforms 3-Days
34 13-December-2021 15-December-2021 Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas 3-Days
35 20-December-2021 22-December-2021 Role of NGOs in Social Service 3-Days
36 27-December-2021 29-December-2021 Gender Sensitization with special focus on Medico Legal issues 3-Days
37 06-January-2022 08-January-2022 Food and Nutrition Security 3-Days
38 10-January-2022 12-January-2022 Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System 3-Days
39 20-January-2022 22-January-2022 Cyber Security and Open Source Network R and Latex Rsweave 3-Days
40 27-January-2022 29-January-2022 Administrative functions of Supporting staff of the Senior Functionaries 3-Days
41 31-January-2022 02-February-2022 Orientation to issues of vulnerable groups women children disabled and others 3-Days
42 03-February-2022 05-February-2022 GIS GPS Application in Disaster Management 3-Days
43 10-February-2022 12-February-2022 Noting and Drafting Skills 3-Days
44 14-February-2022 16-February-2022 IT for effective Office Management 3-Days
45 21-February-2022 23-February-2022 Gender Sensitization 3-Days
46 24-February-2022 26-February-2022 Waste Management 3-Days
47 03-March-2022 05-March-2022 Drafting of Parawise Remarks in Court Cases 3-Days
48 07-March-2022 09-March-2022 Introduction to Management Information System 3-Days
49 14-March-2022 16-March-2022 Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation 3-Days
50 21-March-2022 23-March-2022 Management of Hostels for SC ST BC Minorities 3-Days
51 24-March-2022 26-March-2022 Health care management during and after disaster 3-Days